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If Apparition Hill has touched you in some way, please help spread the word by reviewing it (no spoilers, please)!

Without an iota of exaggeration, Apparition Hill is one of the most powerful films I have ever watched in my life, and I know that no words – no matter how eloquent or beautiful – would be sufficient to truly capture the awe-inspiring and breathtaking prowess of this movie. I am a film buff, someone who loves the cinema and who studied film in college with a minor in digital cinema. In other words, I have seen hundreds of movies, and Apparition Hill remains on top as one of the most spiritually and emotionally inspiring I have had the privilege of viewing.

– Daniel Klimek, Huffington Post

David Pacheco, Creative Director at The Walt Disney Company, was so moved by Apparition Hill that he suggested the film be submitted for Academy Award® consideration in the Best Documentary Feature category. “I’m a member of the Academy, ” said David, “and given the true emotions your film brought out in me, I know that so many others would be touched by it.”

“People absolutely loved the film, ” said cinema manager Darlene Toups of Morgan City, Louisiana. “They were coming out with tears in their eyes. People traveled from as far away as Mississippi, Baton Rouge and New Orleans to see the movie, and a lot of them came back again with friends and family. ”


Truly amazing film. Inspiring and touching.

– Sharon Williams

A must watch!!

Definitely a must watch, really emotive and we’ll done. Loved it! Just one thing pity it isn’t advertised more in mainstream media.

– Catherine Fitzgerald

Faith-renewing! Faith fulfilled!

My faith has been renewed revived and strengthened by Apparition Hill both literally as I was climbing it in August and figuratively as I viewed this movie. It is incredible the Love and Mercy Our Lord has for us and to have his ever gentle ever loving Mother speak to us and gently bring us to Him is proof that WE are loved and WE are Forgiven and We are needed by one another to be Jesus to each other! Through any way possible the Blessed Mother leads you to her Son! Modern times call for modern measures– so thank you Sean Bloomfield and your crew! God Bless us all!

– Mary Ellen Fosso


I’ve seen Apparition Hill three times now, and each time I gain a more profound insight. The theological virtues of FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE are displayed beautifully. We need the positive message this film provides now more than ever. We need more films like this!

– Jodi

Life Changing

I didn’t expect the movie to be so interesting and so moving! It was well done, and even though I knew about Medjugorje I didn’t really understand what the experience of being there was like. After seeing this movie I feel as if I can understand why so many people are changed when they go there. I also bought Mirjana’s book (My Heart Will Triumph) and although I was skeptical about reading it, I found it to be a great eye-opener, especially regarding the history of Medjugorje and the relationship of what is going on there and the stance of the Church (i. e., St. John Paul II, etc.). My 11 year old was profoundly impacted as well. GO SEE THIS MOVIE, it is a movie of hope.

– Kathy

Very Moving

I was a believer going in and it’s a great reminder for me to keep the faith!

– Lisa

Hope for us all

My family went to see the movie in NYC today at 1:30pm and it was an incredibly powerful and moving experience. God is truly at work in the movie and all of the experiences of the pilgrims. Please go and feel the work of the Holy Spirit moving within you. I have been to Medjugorje twice before and felt like I was taken back again. I miss it and will be back. Thank you Sean and team for such a blessing!!

– Mary

Positively Soul Searing

I saw Apparition Hill yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving. I am so thankful that I was able to view this film. It was absolutely soulful. I was touched – right down to my soul. This movie really inspired me reflect on my life. I would recommend this film to everyone! Thank you to the film producers for creating such an inspiring film which is so needed at this point in time!

– Ankica Lucin

Truly amazing film

Inspiring and touching.
Truly amazing film. Inspiring and touching. I was there two times best experience love the peace I found miracles will happen with prayer and faith I need to go again and again love it

– Maria Varanese

Go see it

Inspiring and uplifting movie. I really enjoyed it. It brought back a lot of memories of my pilgrimages to Medjugore and the peace and joy I experienced there.

– Kevin Bourke

Give your soul a gift

You need only one thing to see this film and enjoy it- an open heart. I hosted this film and can say first hand, that the 200 people that viewed it came from many different spiritual places and religious views. And yet for 2 hours, we all undoubtedly experienced the universal message of love. Apparition Hill is more than a film, it is an experience. It takes you to the thin line between heaven and earth, that is Medjugorje. And not by a sermon or anything remotely preachy, but through the beating and vibrant hearts of people. People like you and I, believing and questioning, struggling and soaring. That is what makes this film beautifully done and impossible not to appreciate. But perhaps it’s greatest achievement is the grace it grants with its hope for the entire world and the seeds it sows one person at a time.

– Rachel Eshkanian

Love It

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Abby Loupe

Blessed Gift

I was there 3 years ago; & I too felt an incredible peace while there that I have trouble describing! I have struggled to keep and stay within that peace since returning. As the movie started, I felt that peace once again that I’ve so longed for! Tears drenched down my face for the whole of the movie! I felt like the Blessed Mother was welcoming me back again!! This is a blessed & wonderful movie that invites all God’s people. I sincerely pray and hope that people will come see thus movie, to be inspired and to know Mary’s Son, Jesus!! Thank you!!

– Kimberly

The movie will move you!!!

“Apparition Hill” was so much more than I could have ever imagined! Watching the journey of these 7 souls…their joys, sorrows and sufferings was so moving!

– Melissa

Wonderful Movie!!

This movie is fantastic!! I’ve seen it 3 times and I would watch it again! It shows how much God loves us, how He walks right next to us every step of the way, brings a message of hope, and teaches the power of prayer. Everyone must make an effort to go and watch it! Everyone that watches it with an open heart will receive many blessings.

– Cecilia


I took my mom and dad, and we loved it!! We were deeply touched. Mom has been battling brain cancer, and seeing this movie gave her peace around her thoughts about life after we pass. This is a beautiful documentary!

– Kristin


I love this movie. It was just like traveling with them. Hope you make another one when they go back.

– Peggy


Very inspiring documentary!

– Jeannine Richard


I never knew about any of this before. A riveting movie for anyone who is a new Catholic or a cradle Catholic. Loved it!

– Erin Olsen

Tears of joy!

I’ve never cried so much at a movie! Can’t wait til the DVD comes out and i can watch it with my family. Great job, so inspiring. God bless!

Conor O’Gara


Wonderful. Kudos to the courageous producers who made this movie, not knowing how each of the 7 people selected, some who were unbelievers, would view this holy place after filming was completed. A real tribute to the power of Faith and its impact on those who are suffering. I will see it again.

– Dave Fantz


I am beyond happy that I was able to see this Amazing movie!! This movie WILL change the way you see things. It WILL draw you even closer to our Blessed Mother. It WILL make your heart full!!

– Alice Hahn

Beautiful movie

Beautiful movie!!! Amazing movie, my faith grew a little more. Really inspirational.

– Edith

We are covered by her mantle

I viewed it twice. I left so inspired both times! In a world so corrupt & dangerous we need hope & this movie filled the need. Thank You Blessed Mother for encouraging your children through this movie!

– San Blanchard

Climbing towards Heaven

Heart-rending movie, the love of one another came through so strongly, particularly the English chap, an Atheist, praying the Rosary and also him helping the American chap who suffered immensely on drug dependency. This is a “Must See” film.

– Mary Butler

Best film

I loved the film! I want to congratulate Sean and Cimela for a job well done! I recommend it to everyone, my friends thanked me for taking them to see it!

– Laura Guzman

Amazing And Magnificent!!!!!

Absolutely amazing!! Loved it so much I went to see it twice. Felt so close to Our Mother and Christ through it. We need more films like this to spread the word to love to others !!

– Chrissy

Probably the Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen on Film

I have been following Medjugorje for more than 30 years. I’ve seen documentaries, exposés and reports; some trying to prove it, others quoting “experts” who haven’t seen the inside of a church in decades or who have a vendetta against one or all the visionaries. This film does neither. It simply takes you there. It makes no arguments. I was most impressed with the sincerity, love and complete normalcy of everyone in the film. They talk about doubts, they talk about fears. They face severe troubles, they all grow in some way. I can’t say more without giving away spoilers, but if you are not moved by this film, you should be checked for a pulse. Best. Documentary. Ever.

– R. Schiwal

Beautiful Movie

An amazing movie! It was everything I was expecting & more!

– Brittany K.


Let’s keep it simple. It made me a believer. Watching the transformations on screen is an event in itself. I have been to Medjugorge, and the film is true to the essence of the place. The movie is true to the experiences of the folks there. It may stir you magically inside. Seeing the film may put you on a plane. You owe it to yourself to experience all of this. A once-in-a-lifetime journey. Your inner world may be turned inside out. And that is great. You may look at life from an entirely new level. The world is beautiful, down to the intense details of it. Go see the movie, then go see the reality. Do it.

– Rich Van Schaik


Best film i have ever seen in my life. Everyone should see it. Well done to all involved. Lots of love from Alison in Ireland

– Alison Fitzpatrick


The faces, the faces of the people have not left my mind since the day I saw the movie. Life changing.

– Sue Martin


Very inspiring!

– Jeannine Richard

Come Holy Spirit!!!

I have now seen this film 4 times and each time it has been like the first time. I don’t know how it is possible, but this film transcends both time and space. The presence of the Holy Spirit pentrates the bigscreen and can be felt by each member of the audience in one way or another. Bloomfield and Kidonakis have outdone themselves!!! Academy Award bound for sure!!! The music is hauntingly beautiful

– Kristin Tomei

Awesome movie

Wonderful movie. Really touchef my heart. Everyone should go see it and decide for yourself.

– Debbie DeVault

Great movie

I really enjoyed your movie – very powerful and touching- lots of tears were shed as well. The only thing I would take out were the clips / scenes from movies of the devils or of Jesus – I think it took away from the momentum of the story of your 7 witnesses and their journey. Otherwise a beautiful documentary- a must see. Thank you for making it happen. Looking forward to owning the DVD so that I can watch it and relive it again. May God bless your work and the message of Hope you are trying to convey to all of us.

– Jehane

Believing and Thankful

Very powerful witnessing Mary giving her message to “adore her son” to the world.

– Mary

Beyond words!!!

I have now seen this film 4 times and each time it has been like the first time. Speaking from somebody who has been to Medjugorje three times in a bit more than one-year, this film allows viewers to experience only about 1/1,000 of the graces that are available by physically going there on a pilgrimage. Although this film has been rated PG- 13, do not think twice about bringing your older children with you to this film. I don’t know how it is possible, but this film transcends both time and space. The presence of the Holy Spirit penetrates the bigscreen and can be felt by each member of the audience in one way or another. Sean Bloomfield and Cimela Kidonakis have outdone themselves!!! If you liked ‘The Triumph’, then you’ll love Apparition Hill. Academy Award bound for sure!!! The music is hauntingly beautiful.

– Tom

True story, lots of people crying in the theater. Recommend to every body because it’s worth to watch.

– Anonymous

Cinematography + music + a great plot = Truly a well made documentary.

– Connor

Beautiful story of our Blessed Mother and how she points us to her Son, Jesus, for all our needs. Wish I had known about the movie sooner so I could have shared the good word with others.

– Jan Key

This is the best human interest documentary I have seen in many years. Seven remarkable people, three of them with severe issues, are brought together to a place purported to have had miracles. Some have faith and some do not. The director masterfully captures how they are changed by the goodness of each other and the very special spell of Apparition Hill. A breath of fresh air in a cynical age.

– Anonymous

Mrs I. went to see the movie a couple of days ago. It was truly inspiring and to honest I keep thinking about it everyday since seeing it. Thank you so much for making it we need more movies exactly like this to be made. God bless you all.

– Carolyn O’ Meara